Change the animation of the walls

taking the “dungeon generation” project as an example, in the dungeon cave event is it possible to apply animations to the walls based on their arrangement?

to have a tilemap effect like this:

please help me it is very important to me!

What you’re looking for is 8-bit masking of tiles.

hello thanks for your reply, i think i need the last example posted by the user to understand how it works but it was loaded with we transfer and i have no way to download it… i tried to download the example newer but it creates blocks on the central part of the tileset and I’m not sure how to apply it based on the arrangement

There’s a link in one of my earlier posts to a project that is still there. It uses an extension I wrote for the 8-bit masking. I can’t remember if I commented it.

yes, I tried to study the extension in the example you posted… at the moment I’m trying to integrate the “dungeon generation” extension in the bitmasking example but the effect is not what I hoped…

You’d be better off keeping the two extensions separate. Generate the dungeon first, then iterate over all the wall objects and get their 8-bit masking value, to determine which animation to use.