Changing animation causes object to ignore collisions?

I’m trying to create a simple RTS style game, at the moment I have 3 instances of an arrow object which i move by clicking on the point on screen i want them to move to, which places a waypoint object which the arrows are programmed to move towards and when they collide with it they are supposed to stop.

i have coded a system by which i can select them, which changes an object variable on them called “selected” from 0 to 1 and switches them to their second animation where they change color to indicate they are selected

the problem is that when i switch them to their selected animation, they no longer stop when the collide with the waypoint. I know it’s the animation, because when i remove the action to change the animation, it works perfectly, but no matter where i add it back in, it breaks it

Yep, it’s a bug with the new version, the GDevelop team has been notified and they are working on it currently.

thanks, i guess ill keep an eye out for the next update