[CLOSED] Unable to make a build of Android

The automatic build services for android is not working. I tried to build my game two times but each time it gave me a 2.6 MB APK File and after installing the game I see only the the title of Made With GDevelop for few seconds and everything turns Black after that.

My other builds are working correctly (like Windows Build and other desktop builds) but not the Mobile Builds

Please help if anyone knows the solution to this

And I also figured out that I am able to make more than 2 builds even if I have not Subscribed

Are you using layer effects in your opening scene? If so, try disabling them.

No, There is no layer effect applied just at the beginning but it needs some event to apply the layer effect.

Any more help would be greatly appreciated.

So there are layer effects? Try removing them.
I know some of them cause problems, but I don’t remember the details.

But why is the build system not working? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
Is the automatic build system so vernerable towards layer effects :thinking:

Will Manual Build do correctly?

It is not linked to the build system, it is linked to Android.

Nope, No luck :disappointed_relieved:

I removed the layer effects
Still the same 2643 KB (2.6 MB) File

But I still have the events for the layer effects :confused:

I even saw that the build ends just at the middle and allows me to download my game.
I am pretty sure there is something wrong with the online build service for android

I don’t think layer effect events should be an issue if all layer effects have been removed.

Have you tried your build on other phones? Old Androids are not supported.

C’mon, just tell me, how can a game which is 35 MB in a .exe file be just 2.6 MB in an APK File :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Sorry if I have not mentioned it before :pensive:

It’s not the same tech for mobile and desktop.
Electron is bundled for pc game, not on android.

Was this ever solved? My Android build has been stuck on ‘Build and Download’ for the past 4 hours and this game is no 50GB monster, I can assure you. It’s probably less than 50MB but the Build isn’t working for me either at the moment. Retrying now for the 4th time.

No, Its now working alright :thinking: