Collapsing Behavoirs while editing on the modal

1st option in objects or in gdevelop preferences to always show all installed behaviors on objects to be collapsed

When you have 1-3 behaviors it’s not a big deal
But when you have more it starts to be a problem
And when behaviors like Fire Bullet extension have long list of available options it gets even bigger problem

Imagine if we have checkbox somewhere to set all installed behaviors to be collapsed when opening object behaviors tab

You could quickly visually scan all of them and only expand one you need

2nd same way as we can sort/arrange positions of animations why not give same option to behaviors?

We can simply grab these 2 lines icon and move them up or down as we please

Or maybe other solution
Same as structure variables let’s go with alphanumeric sorting? Which of course could be enabled/disabled
It would really help finding stuff out

Shame on me
I just noticed that installed behaviors are sorted alphabetically i have so many i did not even notice

For list of extensions installed in left tab we have move up/down option
It is not ideal but at least it’s there

Actually that list could use alphabetic sorting


Hi ZeroX4, I’ve changed the title of your request so other users can eventually find them. I’ve only named the collapsed functionality, but if you want to create a topic for the alphabetical order on the project manager, feel free to do so. :slight_smile:

Update: here’s the feature request for alphabetical order: Alphabetical sorting installed extension on left side bar

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Didin’t think about it when creating title and that seems right right thing to do since i also use search feature here
And proper title seems important so thx
I in fact go with making 2nd topic about alphabetical order
And next time i gonna keep 1 feature request per topic to keep it more easy for others to find

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