Collision Mask (Draggable nodes / end points)

Currently the way you can customize your collision mask / box is by changing the values or numbers on the text fields, on the collision mask dialog.

It would be nice if you can click or drag the squares or end points to be able to customize the collision much more easier.

Thank you

totally second this… also the ability to zoom in and out of the preview window would be most helpful :slight_smile:

yeah that would be great … i hope they make it happen in a future update

I hope so too, although not sure if they’ve read this yet; been checking the roadmap at trello, and some stuff at github no anything implemented about this yet.

Already on the roadmap: … typing-x-y
Vote for it!

Thanks! I’m sorry for the duplicate post (if ever it is)~

Hello @Rikazu, @Brendan_Toy, @khaledali and @Lizard-13

Thank you for your messages.
It took a while, but we’ve finally implemented a solution for this.
Go to this forum topic to see how you can test it :wink: