Copying Events between scenes

How do I copy large sections of my events from scene to scene?

If you are using GD5, then just hold down Shift while clicking on the events you want to copy to select them all at once. With GD4, you would hold down Ctrl.

You have to be a bit careful to click on a part that isn’t a condition or action, or those will be selected, rather than the entire event. It’s also a good idea to “close up” any events with lots of subevents using the little triangle icon (GD5), so that you have less clicking to do.

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Thanks!!! I really needed that one. Also on the object groups why in my level4 did I make object groups when they are not available in the levels following it. I have 4 blocks with arrows on them they are 64by64 they are each on a seperate timer, and they fire in the direction the arrow is facing. I gave the shot1 and shot the behaviour that they are destroyed if they go off screen. I would also like an easy way to have them destroyed if they hit any of my platform blocks or trees and grass etc.

To have the arrows destroyed when they hit scenery objects, just put all of those objects into a group called “stopshot” and then create a condition to check for a collision between shot1 and stopshot and an action to delete shot1 .

Yea, that worked great, but what I am wondering how to get the object groups to be global so I do not have to redo them for weach level.

One solution is to copy-and-paste an existing scene and then alter it to be the new level. That way you get all the objects and groups copied over too. Just rename the copied scene and delete/move the objects in the scene to be right for the new level.

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Right but if I have 50 conditions that I want to copy for every scene I can only shift click the conditions one by one? there is no way to select them all? like as if ctrl+A or select the first one and shift click the last one and all the middle ones are selected?

Put your events in groups.
Then you can copy paste the groups

You can make it as External Event and link it to your Events.

Use external events. You script them once, and link to them from each scene. If you need to make a change, it’s in one place, and not every scene. Copying again and again is just bad programming practice.

Also, you responded to, and resurrected, a 2 year old thread. Next time please start a new one.


Thanks for the help. I know it was 2 year old thread, but that’s what google links, so next time someone writes the same thing they will now know the correct answer. With 2 threads maybe less likely to find, idk.

In the new thread, add a reference link to the older thread. If there are 2 threads, then there is a greater chance of one or both being in the search results.

BTW, kudos for searching for this topic, rather than blindly starting a new thread :slight_smile: