Create a Bullet Hell

Hello, I want to create a bullet hell style system I managed to create several projectiles in several directions:

I looked on the internet but I did not find much, on construct 2 I found a video to do it in 2 event, which can be useful to send bursts of bullet simply. But you have to put “loopindex” it does not have its in gdevelop and I do not see what could replace it: Set " bullet " anlge of motion to loopindex * 360 /12 degrees

I only started creating a game recently, i will take all the advice you give to me for create a bullet hell.

Thx ! :slight_smile:

in the upper right, you see a + button.
under that you´ll find repeat event, its an equivalent to loops.
repeat 30 times:
your actions (use variable angle for forces)
variable angle add 12

Oh thanx you its work !

would it be something like that?

I tried your way, it’s fun but difficult for the player with the random, actually I use the slash way:

for more complex form, I think to use something like in my first picture, to put the bullet manually