Creating a game like 7 little words

Hello everyone, im sorry im still figuring out GDevelops events and how to use them since im new to this application. Im a student and im making a project for completion of that project it looks like this:

The design is based on “7 little words” and im actually figuring how to set my arrays in certain areas of the game. This are my list arrays in one structure:

CH - Choices
Q - Questions
A - Answers

But im stuck cause im confused on how to put them in sqeunce cause im thinking of creating levels for them and automatically change into the next level when they finished the first sets of questions. Your help is much appreciated and I thank you for that.

Im sorry im new to this and im still reviewing little by little the conditions and the actions of the events taht can be used.

oh and my list of events looks like this:

I found this discussion very useful for me, check it out!

ohh i actually checked that one earlier before posting here but the probelm is a bit different from what my idea was cause it automatically change when in answered one question. What i was thinking was answering all 5 question first before moving to the next set of question. Or is it just me who doesnt understand how that work hahaha so many events that was given in that game i gpt confused. But thank you answering my question really appreciate it.

Hi @Hareto

I having trouble understanding what exactly you need help with.

Are you trying to set the string variables in the text objects and don’t know how to? or is it something else?

I double checked the game you mention and i came to realization that it is still confusing hahaha

oh im trying to set my structures of arrays in my text objects and i want it sequential so my list of arrays so when they hit next level button they will be given another set of QUESTIONS and Set of CHOICES

it should look like this:


from the questions to the buttons, @insein Im sorry for my incompetence. Im still reviewing every events functions

No worries! You can try the below.

Keep only 1 text object for the questions and place multiple instances of it in the scene (this is to avoid using many different text objects that does the same thing). Give each instance an ID number variable starting with 0 (in the properties left panel). Also do the same thing with the buttons.

Separate the variable Questions / Choices into their own arrays:


Also are you creating different scenes for each level? Or you want the questions & choices to change in the same scene when going to the next level?

OHHH! Thank you, can i use this as well when i go to the next level? as much as possible i want to utilize only one scene to avoid lots of scenes for the game.

Yes, but you’ll need to do some modifications to the variables setup.

I kept the first level child (0) empty to make children index match the levels.

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Oh okay let me try and see if theres any problem, i might respond to this topic again if any probelms pops up and hope that you’ll help clarify it. Thank you by the way for the respond

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@insein icluding the button will be just one object? same thing as the text object?

You need to add instance variable for each text object (properties panel attached image). Start with 1st text give it ID=0, then the next ID=1, next ID=2 etc… So the text objects will be picked in the same sequence of the questions children. (hope my explanation makes sense)

Yes, same logic as the text objects.

oh and by the way do i need to declare the varable question_childname and etc. in my scene varaible? if so what tyoe are they going to be?

oh i see thank you for the respond.

There’s no need for that.

Its working thank you hahaha im just a noob to this sorry about that.

Now the problem is the button function where it will add the Letters need to guess. I think this will trigger you but i did the basic typr of condition and action for the button pressing

it look like this

Its not really working hahaha

Move the button event outside the “At the beginning of the scene”.

Also you can replace all the 3 conditions with “button is clicked” condition.
Change the text “add” Button.LabelText()

Oh thank you its working.

can i ask can i also use the function “For each child variable” to compare the guess to the answer if i have a structure of array that is dadicated to the answers?