Debugging game

I’m back to working on my save/load. I added what I thought would be simple, a button instead on using a key stroke. For some reason it breaks breaks the game. I don’t understand why going from press a key condition to cursor over along with left mouse click breaks the whole save/load process. I spent a long time getting it to work and now I change it over to use a button instead of key press it breaks everything. Another thing I added was a popup box to add your name, which is also tied in. I’m scared to even think how the web version will break things with my JS input text box .
That being said, this game is getting large and more complex. Bugs are getting harder and harder to diagnose and fix. I have to run the game as a compiled native game. So the editor based and a browser based editor are both out. The debugger in the editor would be great to use in a compiled version of the game. Is their a way to add it? Is their any kind of debug tool I can use to see whats going on when I run the compiled version on the game. See what my variables are doing and so forth?

Can you show your event ?

That would be easier said then done because the sizes and linking. I did figure out how to use the text entry object. This may resolve the issue since I’m not calling for a text window. I’ll have to try that and see what happens.
After figuring the text entry object out, I started messing with making a password version of it. I’m having issues getting the * to properly replace the characters entered. Like if a key gets held down. Will probably wait on the password for now though.

Here is a topic about the same problem to get “*” in the password text :slight_smile:
[url]Game Login/Register - #6 by Lizard-13]