"DEVELOP" in GDevelop logo

Now I will tell you information that may be new to some. GDevelop’s previous name is Game Develop, and this was the logo:

When it changed to GDevelop, this became the logo:

The change in the logo is to remove the “AME” and there is nothing wrong with that.
However, DEVELOP became inconsistent after cropping.
I don’t want the G logo to change because it’s cool.
All I want to do is rewrite “Develop” to be consistent with the G logo.
For example make “Develop” (Not “DEVELOP”) italic and bold.
I don’t know if I have the right to suggest something like this on my own but hey, just my opinion.

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When i read trough your message the moment i understood what you want
I was sure it is so nitpicking on your side i could not believe you made post about it

BUT to be fair i wanted to see if my eyes will change my mind over what i saw in my head

And i stand corrected

You do have a point
Develop now looks more like its fitting G rather than DEVELOP in original logo


But i can’t decide do i like Develop or DEVELOP more
I like both


Okay, I admit it might be weird to make a post about that :kissing: But since the full logo appears in some games I think it is worth it.
And yes, the logo with all the letters in upper case looks nice too.

In my opinion you are 100% correct
I just needed to see it with my own eyes rather than imagine in my head to understand

Here is the fanart logo I’ve made, based on @ZeroX4 posted image.
It ended up looking very sporty.

Now “DEVELOP” has the right angle fitting with the “G” :logo_gdevelop:.

Ow don’t stop there

Na, all of their examples look too kitchy. :writing_hand:


Best ideas comes from seeing a lot of variants of same solution

Not to be the contrarian, but i dont like your ideas…

They make too much of the same and take the shine away from the big part fo the logo, the “G”.

Having the “Develop” in thinner, smaller print, brings more impact to the trademark “G”, this is good design, makes your brand instantly recognized by a symbol and not what it says, even people that cant read can spot it a mile away… again, this is good marketing and design.

If you make everything the same, then it becomes about what is written and people need to acknowledge the whole thing instead of the symbol.

This is why brands such as Nike and Adidas have an extra, separate trademark symbol, distinct from the writing, so that the brand can be recognized in both ways.

Maybe “Develop” can be tweekd, but never to match the “G”, that just breaks everything.

There is nothing wrong with the current design of the logo. They have chosen well.

Just interesting to see some variants like other companies do for certain flexibility and occasions.

Found some design ideas from other users in this following topic:

Here is another topic which I found, it is very old. It is about finding the name for GDevelop. :shushing_face:

I wasent saying the logo shouldnt change, i was just saying why making the “G” and “Develop” the same style would be a bad idea.

Id love to see new styles of Logos for GDevelop.

…also, this topic…

That shows what i was talking about… Its different, but it still keep recognition quick. The “G” is still the main focus with a new graphic, standing as the main logo, and then “Develop” just complements it.

Its snappy and you can spot it a mile away and pick it from a crowd…

Ye, that’s might be the reason why they have chosen the “Develop” part not to make bold and italic.

Oh well if you mean with that the fanart logo which I have created… Just imagine “G” :logo_gdevelop: as their blue one, then it has its main focus back / stand out again.
It was more like an attempt to make the “Develop” part more unique.

Im not trying to school you or anything, but more often than not, less is more.

If anything, you should have tried to make the “Develop” less noticeable.

By bringing it up to par with the “G”, you kinda made this…

Thats a good example of a “Name” brand, the name is the logo and the detail on the “V” the big recognition trademark… but still just a name.

The GDevelop logo is different, its a logo with some text next to it :slight_smile:

Try making a new one, but work the other way around, make the “G” more pronounced and the “Develop” a bit less, it will look way cooler :slight_smile:

And why you do?

Similarities can be found between a lot of brands.

My one is based on ZeroX4’s logo, you could start to create based on my one. In the end we’ll get a community fanart logo. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Edit: But I don’t know if they even like fanart logos. :open_mouth:

…ill pass thank you :stuck_out_tongue:

Knowing me, id obsess over it and loose a days work making it :stuck_out_tongue:

You could set up a timer? My one was also just 10 minutes. :wink:

The blue ball is a placeholder, just imagine that there would be the blue “G”.
It is still overcomplicated in contrast to the current fashion of flat letter designs, oh… and I made a kitchy purple background. :melting_face:

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Looking good :slight_smile: ,the “Develop” is still too much tho, its too broken up into little bits with no contrast, just looks odd.

Make a cool G with lots of detail, and then a very simple “Develop”, it gonna look awesome.