(Dialogue Tree) Confirming Option doesn't advance to next node?

Hi, I’ve been all over Yarn/Dialogue Tree lately, testing everything I can about it to learn. It’s getting a lot easier than I expected after my first impression, but I can’t figure out why this code/script/event sheet doesn’t work.

Basically: I have two text objects: one for the “dialogue” (“Text” line type) and one for the “options” (“Options” line type). I made a very short list of only two options, “A” and “B”.

I managed to get the dialogue and option list to appear normally in the two different text objects (one called “Dialogue” and the other called “Options”), but when I press ‘X’ (the button to take me to the next node, both of which start with a “text” line type), nothing happens to the “Dialogue” text object. I tried a few things I thought were the issue (adding more actions) but nothing worked.

Event sheet (please help):

Json file in Yarn:

Check here maybe it help GDevelop 5 - Tutorial Yarn Dialogue in GDevelop 5 - YouTube

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Thank you for the reply. Unfortunately, there’s nothing obviously different from your example and the one I made. Selecting an option in your project and in my project are structurally the same, and my .json file doesn’t seem to contain any syntax error, but somehow it doesn’t seem to go to the next node in my case.

I’m helplessly stuck on this, I even created a debugging text object to tell me from what branch the dialogue is running. It somehow seems the dialogue doesn’t advance to the next node even after confirming the option, and I have no idea what’s causing this. More pictures:

Debugger (at the top of all events):

Debugging text (in reed) showing no change even after choosing an option:

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