Different color icons for variable per type

We have global scene and object variables which all have their own icons
Problem is that they are all blue/white more or less

I would suggest adding to them colors so it is easier to users spot the difference

Since global is globe it could be green
I would leave scene blue as it is
Object could be anything else
But that are just my ideas for colors
They could be anything as long as color would give clear indication which variable is which
In other words each colors used for icon should without a doubt be so different from other two so user could without a problem tell them apart

I would even go as far as to change icon on the left which says Var
To match color of variable icon


A GitHub issue* to update the icon style and shape has been created here: Replace old variable icons with new brand icons · Issue #6041 · 4ian/GDevelop · GitHub

The colour change is not par of that request because it is better if changes do not apply to a single isolated part of the app without looking closer at the implications.
This would mean that if we allow a colour change for Variable nuances (Global, Scene, Object…) on the text, we would probably need to allow colour change for the nuances on other part of the event sheet (for example, one colour for Sprite objects, other for Text objects, and so on…) which could get messy if not. thought about carefully.