[DONE] Object Folders - Separators in Scene Edit View for objects/grp of objects

Object folders are now available since version 5.2.178.
Access the release notes here: Release 5.2.178 · 4ian/GDevelop · GitHub

As title, probably this has been already requested…? Folder has been added and thaz great.

But it would be great to have separators even in Scene edit View like “make a group of conditions” do in event editor. That can be collapsed when needed…Like some sort of organizer…since i’m starting to have more than 100 objects in view (between texts debug…effects…platforms ecc…)

Hello RMDB,

Thank you for your message.
I am sorry but I quite didn’t get what you request. Is it a feature for events on the event sheet, or to make sub-groups (sub folders) of objects? - If the latter, that is possible with the new object panel.

Also, as explained on Welcome to the User Feedback channel! : try to be as clear as possible on why you are requesting the feature and what is your use context as this information helps when it comes to defining the scope and dependencies of requested features.

Thank you!

sry ive been busy…

btw i meant to add something like this in objects editor (where you scroll your objects list)
instead of folder…less chaotic …more effective

Unity, unreal and others use this method

To my knowledge, this has recently been added.

Edit: it’s currently in Prerelease status and will be arriving to Stable soon. You can view more info here: Releases · 4ian/GDevelop · GitHub

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great thanks.
Now i can organize objects better