Draggable collsion masks for object editor

Moving a collision mask of an object is pretty annoying when you have to move the vertex points one by one, mostly ending with the collision mask being altered.

Just image, having the perfect circle as a collision mask ruined because of trying to place it on the other side of the object boundaries.

There can be alternatives, like buttons that increase the x and/or y of each vertex from the collision mask.

Hey @Kennoir
Thank you for your message.
Please help me understand: Why do you need to move an already finished collision mask to a different position?


This would give an easier modification and creation of complex collisions (like circles) it could save a lot of time for people that need to move collisions with many vertex points, combined with the recent collision mask feature added in GDevelop v5.1.156

Thank you for you answer.
It is true that dealing with complex masks can be tricky.
Three questions:

  1. Under which circumstances you have to use complex collision masks, and why does a basic squared-shape collision doesn’t work?

  2. Can you give me an example (an image would be great) of complex collision masks on your Projects? They can be circles or something else.

  3. Why do you need to move an already finished collision mask to a different possition? Is it because you replace your animation frames one by one, or because you replace the bulk and want to adjust a shared collision mask?

Thank you for you input!