[Duplicate] Allow Scenes To Be Organized Into Folders and Tags

I would like to be able to organize my scenes into folders.

I’m requesting this feature because I’m currently working on a metroidvania and most metroidvania tend to have a lot of scenes depending on how large the game is. I would like to avoid having to scroll through a long list of scenes just to find and edit the scene of my choice and i believe being able to categorize scenes would help speed up workflow and efficiency.

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This is an open request here: [Request] Scene Folders

To ensure the original date this was requested is maintained, I’m closing this out and bumping the other thread for you.

This doesn’t invalidate your request in anyway and is just to ensure interest is shown in a single thread.

Thank you.

For anyone finding this in the future, please ensure you are following Luni’s rules for posting feature requests/enhancements. Welcome to the User Feedback channel!