Easier access to the scene variables editor

We probably spend most of our time in the events editor but we have to go to the scene editor tab and press V or choose from the project manager to access the scene variables.

Potential solutions

  1. have a shortcut that also works from the events editor, possibly tricky
  2. have a button at the top right near the other buttons in the events editor, potential clutter
  3. or (my preference) no change to how to access it unless it’s easy and/or nice but have the scene variables editor open in its own tab just like the scene and events tabs, instead of the pop up box it opens in now



I love solution number three. It should be convenient to have a shortcut to switch between tabs.

Hi, wow, can’t believe this was more than a year ago :clock1: :eagle:

Anyway, bumping my own request to say that now that the workflow of GD has a greater focus on the variables editor, having it as a tab like option 3 above would be even more handy.

I’m definitely for 1 AND 2.
3 tabs for one scene is too much.
Maybe a combined tab with square buttons for scene, events and variables…
But in 99% of cases I get to the variable editor via variable conditions/actions.