[Example] Type-on text effect [GD5]

NOTE: the examples included in GDevelop provide a more complete, albeit more complex, version of this same effect (also of mine).

I just updated an old example of type-on text effect.
Hope some users find it useful.

Download type-on effect example


Did you improve anything about it or just ported over from GD4 to GD5?
While you were away from this forum, we did already port many of the old GD4 examples over to GD5 including your type-on text effect. You can find it included with GD5 actually and you can find you name in the contributors list in the “About GDevelop” section :+1:

If you did improve something about it, you may want to submit 4ian to update the one included :slight_smile:


Update: I took a look. Actually, I think the old one is better :sweat_smile:

Hi! So long, indeed.

Oh well, I had no idea that my example had been ported to GD5. In fact, I remade it again from scratch (I don’t even know if the events look like the original … but I used the CRT layer effect to give it a finishing touch).

I did this because recently someone recommended the original example and then the user asked why he couldn’t open it:

Apparently not even @Gruk knew that such an example existed.

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Yes, many people don’t know about every single one of them. The only reason I know because it was me who ported and submitted many of them to 4ian when he decided to include as many examples as possible in GD5.
Maybe the problem is that, in some cases it is just not obvious what feature and functionality the example demonstrate just by reading the name and description and people don’t bother opening every single one of them just to look I guess.

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Great work with those examples!

Sadly, truth is that many users don’t even take the time to look at the examples, and many examples go unnoticed even by more experienced users.