Export to apk just becomes blackscreen on phone

Hi! Good day! I’ve been trying to export a project to apk and it comes out successful and an apk is created. But when I install it on a phone and try to play it, it just shows the cordova logo which then fades and leaves a black screen and then nothing.
I’ve tried looking up solutions and the closest one I could find was the one titled "Liluo link and apk problem

I tried the solutions there along with the changing “loadUrlTimeoutValue” but it still just becomes black screen. I have filled in the properties and icons and everything, as well as checked the resources and made sure everything is in order.
Also I’ve tried exporting it as html and fiddling with cordova but I’m not very good at this and I couldn’t get it to work that way neither.
Is there anyone who has experienced this? Is there any way to get around this?

Edit: I also tried the process with the space shooter tutorial
(just the gdevelop one-click option, didn’t bother with the cordova fiddling)
And the resulting apk installed on phone also just goes into black screen.

I have had this experience several times as well after exporting APK Files from GDevelop 4. Maybe you can update to GDevelop 5 and see if this issue is still there then try recreate the entire project by copying all the contents of the project into a different folder within the project library after starting a new project and export again.

For me, I had to restart the project over again to make sure it worked and made sure the black screen wasn’t there. While it did work for some devices, like the Xiaomi Redmi Note 3, I uploaded it to the market and it was rejected because it didn’t work for specific Android Versions, maybe changing the Android Version Support for the game to a higher Version would work or maybe change the resolution (If possible).

Yeah, I’m using Gdevelop 5, the latest version. I might try to recreate the project as a last resort since it’s a lot of work. But before I do, I would have to see the tutorial successfully exported to apk and properly work upon install. It’s far easier to recreate the tutorial project than my own project. If I can’t get the tutorial to even work, then recreating my entire project might be a waste of time.

For the meantime since my project isn’t completed yet, I think I might as well focus on completing it first and cross my fingers some future update might fix the apk issue. If not, well… idk. lol. Maybe find someone in my neighborhood who knows how to work with js or html5 or something. Right now I’m trying to learn those myself little by little, but I’m not too bright so it’s taking me a while.

Yea, I get your point, but I don’t think new version can fix the issue. Instead of completely recreating your project from scratch. Create a new project and copy all of the contents from the current working directory to the new directory then try export. If this doesn’t work then try changing the resolution of the game, if this doesn’t work then you may need to start it from scratch again.

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