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Please, may I ask, regarding External Layouts, I understand that I have to relate to a base scene, but if I don’t want to include some objects from the base scene, how can I remove those without affecting the base scene. I’m thinking of doing Prefabs, is there any other way regarding the creation of Prefabs? I tried grouping objects from the base scene, but I have no control regarding position, unless I do it through expressions, etc…In essence trying to load / create predefined Prefabs with their own behaviors positions into the game…Hope I make sense, thanks for help and God Bless…

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But what’s wrong with having all objects in the scene in the external layout to choose? Why would you like to delete them? Wouldn’t it be easier to just not use them?

I don’t quite understand the problem. If you don’t want the objects in the external layout, don’t put them in the scene. The external layout ends up just being a file with a list of objects that you placed in the scene. It doesn’t store the list of available objects.

So if the base scene has 100 objects, and you use just 5 of them in the external layout, the external layout will only save the altered properties of those 5 objects you used (like position, height, width, rotation, animation frame, variable values etc). There will be no reference to the other 95 objects.

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Hi there:

Thanks for the responses, really appreciated it…So using External Layouts would not affect game performance…Just want to be sure…Thanks again for your help…God Bless…