Feature request Collision boxes and points in Spine objects

The synergy between ‘GDevelop’ and ‘Spine 2D’ is very strong.
Thanks to it, I’m implementing various ideas in my game.
I also anticipate an increase in work speed.

I request that these features be added to Spine objects
Edit collision boxes and points.

I’m aware Spine object support is experimental.
However, I sincerely hope that these features will be added.


I support these ideas, but a few heads up:

  1. Per the rules listed over here, one feature request per thread please.
  2. The Spine support was made by an external collaborator who did all of the work themselves, rather than the core GDevelop.io team. It might not get changes unless the collaborator wants to take it up. That doesn’t mean never, I’m just wanting to add context.
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Oh i understand.
Thank you for the information. :slight_smile:

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