[Feature under Review] Search bar on gd.games


  • There’s nothing much to say other that we really need Search bar on gd.games.
    Yes I can use CTRL+F to find different type of games but it’s a mess!
    It would be so much easier if we get a search bar.

  • Also, sometimes browsers just lag :melting_face:! Maybe download button that gives HTML file, it would be nice so we can play it on our computers. (I mean it still depends on what browser you use and is your computer fine, it’s kinda my issue I own a potato pc). :grinning:

Thank you :sunglasses:


Definitely agreed on the Search Bar side of things.

A download button seems unlikely because it is up to the devs of the respective game whether you should be allowed to download it, and I’d imagine maintaining whether X project should be downloadable or not leads to a lot of database overhead.


Maybe they can add a check button “Make game downloadable” or something. But I get your idea :slight_smile:

Well maybe the download button should be for executables like EXE or APK then it might be useful I think :upside_down_face:
I’m not sure, but I think that itch.io provides the option to download browser games on the computer, and I think that most of the Liluo games are available on itch.io

Only if the developer uploads it to itch.io, and explicitly selects the “can be downloaded” option when uploading their ptoject. Neither are automatic, as the option is not the default for HTML5 games, and there is no link betwrrn liluo and itch.io

But again, liluo is not the size or scope of itch, and it would be another more data stored for each game. Not saying it can’t happen, but I’m saying I wouldn’t expect it anytime soon.