Features regarding returning values from 3D model cubes

This will cover a lot of features to do with accessing contents from a 3D model, this will use polls so it can be in one post, and doesn’t clog forums with very similar requests.

  • Expressions to return Values from 3D model cubes, such as, Returning X,Y,Z, Angle of selected Object.
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You can select what cube in the 3D model to return by choosing the cubes name (the name of the cube will be the same as what you named it in 3D modeling software). This could be very useful for having a equivalent to points for 3D models.

  • Feature kind of like for each object but for 3D Model cubes within a group
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This would be very nice to use along with the expressions I mentioned, could be used for accurate collision checks with 3D models.

I’m sorry if 3D model cube doesn’t make sense, I mean all the shapes you use while building a 3D model.

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