Firebase email validation

Hello, I just started a project with Gdevelop. So far it’s pretty cool, but I found an issue and I’m not sure if I’m doing something wrong or what.
I have a login/register page that uses firebase for authentication.
Right now it → Checks if the user is authenticated. If they are, it changes to the next scene.
If not, it allows them to put in their email & password and then checks if the user exists. If yes, it attempts to log them in. If not, it creates an account and sends a verification email & logs them in.

I have set a timer and so far the only way I’ve been able to get any function to work is to make an scene timer at the beginning of the scene. It runs a 10 second loop and checks authentication & whether or not the email is validated.
If it’s been validated, I want it to go to the next scene. If not, I want the timer to start again. The idea is to have it automatically redirect from this page once the email is verified.
First, doing it this way was not ideal, but as a I said, it’s the only way I found to get any interaction with firebase. What works is if they have not verified I can get the timer to restart and check again. (Tested by adding a second check at a lesser time that changes a piece of text) But if the email is verified, no matter what I’ve changed in the way it executes, it will not go to the next scene.
Here’s a snippet of that part of the project.

Would greatly appreciate any help

The compression extension won’t help you much. GDevelop code should be minified by default in the latest versions of GDevelop. I would recommend trying out cloudflare pages or netlify as they are notoriously fast professional and extremely affordable (mostly free) static sites hosts. Netlify also supports minifying code for you automatically and invisibly. Generally, I would recommend putting cloudflare in front of your site, as it allows to serve your game from servers that are geographically near your users so that latency due to distance from the server is not an issue.

Otherwise, as an additional optimisation, you can look into adding a service worker to your site. This won’t make the first load faster, but it will allow you to specify caching rules for your site files to be stored locally instead of needing to refetch them from the server everytime, leading to faster subsequent loads.

Hey, thanks for the reply, but not quite the issue. I’ve actually been impressed with how Gdevelop handles optimization and load times.
I did see another post on the subject you’re talking about, maybe you clicked the wrong link when replying?

The issue I’m having is with Gdevelop & Firebase communication.
I’ll try and explain better what I’m doing and where the issue is. People sign up for an account through the game & a verification email is sent. That all works fine, and if you close the game and reload it after your email has been verified it recognizes that and works just fine.
What I’m attempting to do that’s not working is this →
If they keep the game open and click the verification link, I would like to have the game automatically check to see if they’ve been verified and once they are, move on to the next scene. Thus why I set up the timer to run and see if the email is verified. But it seems Gdevelop and/or firebase has issue with being able to make more than one attempt at this per session.

Indeed, how quite odd, that post was made on another topic :thinking:

Did you ever get a solution to this problem?