[FIXED] Is there any possible way to recover the scenes?

I’ve been working on a game for almost a whole year at this point and it passed trough many updates of the engine, however yesterday only the menus show up on the scene editor and not the levels anymore, I can only see the background color yet all the objects are basically there thanks to the instances list but it doesn’t render, nor does it loads when I try to run a preview of it

Yet, for a strange reason the testing levels I made for, well, test the game’s features, does load. I’ve spent months on all these levels and I want to know if I can recover them or if I just have to redo them all again

Are you able to make new scenes and add objects?

I do am able to create new scenes and add object to them and they do work as normal

Have you tried restarting gdevelop? Maybe x off the scenes then go back on it?

I did, I’ve tried restarting it normally by closing it and reopening it as well closing it with the Task Manager and then opening it again

Restarting scenes maybe?

By closing them and opening them again? If it’s that way then yes I tried

I’m pretty sure if you tap the button (with three lines) in the top left, it should show all your scenes…

It does show them on the scene list, it’s when I try to edit them that won’t show what is in there

I haven’t experienced any bugs like this, sorry. Hopefully other people have more experience with this.

you can’t just tap the scene n the scene list?

I can do that, but the scene itself doesn’t render, it doesn’t show the objects but they’re all mentioned in the Instances List

And it doesn’t even loads with a preview, it freezes it at this frame

So, you have to tap what scene you want to open, and it should open it.

Also, how long did you wait? from what I saw, you have a lot of scenes, and that would take a looong time to load.

It always takes some minutes but it does load in a short time, but yesterday that the problem started, I’ve even waited an hour and a half for it to load yet it didn’t, and before this problem appeared I only had to wait just 2 minutes for the preview to load

That is very weird…
Let’s say you wanted to open the scene “raceplace1”, and you tapped on it from the scenes list.

Does that not work?

I can open it normally, however I cannot edit the scene as nothing renders on it, I only can see the background color on it, not even the grid of the editor even renders

Ooof… Perhaps the project’s so big it cannot load the scene??
Also, you waited an hour for the things to load?

It’s only the main levels that it’s the problem, other stuff like menus or test levels that won’t even be normally shown does load

even the title screen loads