Flip sprite in editor

The topic Flipping object from the editor itself leads here. Feel free to read it for more context.

Construct 3 has no restiction when I try to flip sprite in editor, I was wonder that Gdevelop has this restriction.

This feature must be include in Gdev !


You must tell the reason of why should something be added when doing a feature request btw

I know it is requirement to tell why
But even if author do not
Then most basic concept is we should be able to see how something will look when we place it
And not all our objects are simetricus

For example wall ornaments for 2D game
Where i am not talking about background wall but like candle on wall that is either to left or right from player


I miss that possibility so much!!!


And creating a variable and changing it in all instances that we want to flip in all scenes and external layouts it’s hard work with great possibility of forgetting some instances…

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Flip sprite? What do you mean by that? You mean flip the sprite like this?
Exhibit A: Flipped

Exhibit B: Normal

If you mean in the actual game editor, not the art editor, check this out.

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Imagine key shortcut
You click on sprite
Press IDK a F key
And bam object flipped horizontally
Hold shift and press F and bam
Flipped vertically
Or whatever

I was not yet in a moment when i would need it like right hand
But i know this moment will come and i would sacrifice 100 virgins to ancient demons to have it

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If you want to flip the sprite (horizontally), just go in Piskel and press this button.

But this is problematic

Would that be just visual?
Because what would have to be done to set it up in events on it own?
Imagine you have 2 of these
Both are 2 different objects

Now you flip them in editor to see which would fit better

BUT would that be just visual in editor? Probably yes

Because i doubt we would get some kind of system where you flip it in editor to just see how it look that would add flip animation to our event sheet
Where it would add it?
How many users would flip it by accident and make forum post on ask on discord why their character flipped on it own?

So i guess it would be only visual in editor if anything
But on other hand we can scale objects in editor and it just work so why not?

@Shark_Chum Most basic concept is for us to see how it look
Same as we have option to resize even rotate objects in editor with just our mouse not to mention we have value we can manipulate

And it will state with that shape/form/rotation we set in editor in our games
So why not flip animation?
Heck you have set animation number for object in editor

So why not have option to set flip state either vertical or horizontal?

What you are offering is switching from option A to option B
or if you want to have different ones on different objects you would need to duplicate images
Which is not perfect solution


It’s about being able to place flipped and unflipped instances of objects in the editor. To avoid doing it graphically or with events. Just like it is already available for Angle.

It’s been on my own feature wishlist since last year, so 100% agreed to your request.


In addition to my above post
This is what i see in editor

This is what i do in events

To have this when i launch my game

It is rare situation and i don’t need it like right hand
But what if it would not be about soldiers?
What if i would place ornaments? Furniture? Or whatever else?
This feature would help many ppl a lot in many different situations


Everyone, thank you for that clarification… I wasn’t positively sure I knew what y’all meant.

ZeroX4, are you answering me when you’re actually answering Shark_Chum? :eyes:
I’m a little confused, haha

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I say both

Maybe you missed this part where @ him in post i was replying to you
Didn’t want to spam new post so i just did use @

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Oh okay. I’m sorry.

Do you mean “only visual” in the sense that in the editor we can flip, but when playing/preview will not be flipped? If it is I think it doesn’t make to much sense and would cause a lot of confusion if it were that way. I wish it really flip the instance.

I don’t think that doubt would arise. Even if some user accidentally flipped in the scene editor, the instance appeared flipped.

In short, I think Jack’s comment is exactly what I expect in a very objective way.

Imagine my units on the right flipped in editor to the left

So when i launch game they look like

Now if their animation change based on well animation so i have separate animation for going left and going right
Instead of having just animation for going right and flip it with events if they go left

Then how you think it would look if flipping in editor would affect flipped state in in game?

I don’t know if I understand very well… (english is not my main language)

I think there is no “flipped state” in game. If the character animation looks like it is turned to the right and the option to flip is checked, then it will be fliped and will looks like it is turned to the left. If the character animation looks like it is turned to the left and the option to flip is checked, then it will be fliped and will looks like it is turned to the right.

That is, for a user who has both right and left animations it does not make sense to use the option to flip in these situations.

About this causing confusion for a new user as you were talking about earlier, I believe that the option being in the properties of the object is already a good size for him to figure out how to adjust, as it is the most obvious place to look. Maybe the information about flipping could also be in the list of instances along with layer, z-order etc.

Ok simple explanation

ALL my soldiers are in group called Units

Now look half of them are flipped horizontally to the left (soldiers on right are flipped to the left)

Now each unit have animation
Walk Up
Walk Down
Walk Left
Walk Right

I move them with path finding toward some point
So i can’t use key pressed to change left or right animation or up or down
I need to check to what angle they are moving
And i used it for whole group and not single soldiers
So i used

Units Angle of movement is -180 (which mean left) change animation to walk left
Units Angle of movement is -90 (which mean up) change animation to walk up
Units Angle of movement is 0 (which mean right) change animation to walk right
Units Angle of movement is 90 (which mean down) change animation to walk down

Now units units on the right side (after this feature request would be implemented) are horizontally flipped in editor which also affect if they are flipped in game

Which means if non flipped units would move to the angle -180 (left) their animation would change to walk left and they would look like walking left
Where horizontally flipped units in editor which would move to angle -180 (left) would also change animation to walk left
BUT since they are horizontally flipped it would look like their animation changed to walk right
And vice-versa if i would move them to the right

Do you now get it? If not next thing i gonna do will be gif illustration

I understand your example, what I think I don’t understand is your point. I don’t see any problem with what you just described. You can also reproduce it with events today. I’m taking into consideration that for you the problem continues to be:

And like I said before:

I am not Against this feature request do not get me wrong
I just have general idea how many things needs to get into consideration before feature gets implemented

I seen here tons of ideas i would wish to see in gdevelop
Yet we do not always look on any potential downsides
Like i once offered to change
Mouse button pressed
Change default option from CHOOSE BUTTON
To be left mouse button by default (or choose another)
And someone said for me for him as not beginners it would be obvious what to do to for example selected RMB
But for novice user it would be better to see there only choose button
So he see drop down list with all available buttons

And i see same thing here in many ways
I do not say this feature should not be implemented i say we need to be careful about how it would be implemented
This is only thing i meant

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It may not be exactly what your looking for, but you could add a boolean to an object, then make events to like, at the beginning of the scene, if boolean “flip” of “object” is true = flip object horizontally (or vertical) but that’s only gonna work in the game, Editor won’t change