Flipping object from the editor itself

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There should be a boolean an object’s flip in the editor itself.
Somewhere right there, below the rotation perhaps, we should be able to choose whether to flip that instance of the object, or not. A flip function makes sense too, to be in the instance panel.

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I agree it would be easier than flipping an object at the beginning of the scene. Also, there should be an option for adjusting object tone.

I wanted this too at first… untill i started really getting into how programming works in GDevelop.

This would cause more issues when it comes to logic than youd think…

You can easily make a flipped version of your object using Piskel, and that way youll have 2 versions of your object, a flipped and non flipped, making programming between the two states easier.

All you have to do is:

  1. Duplicate Object

  2. Open Object Editor and select “Edit with Piskel”

  3. Click on “Flip Vertically”

  4. Change the Save Method to “New” instead of “Overwrite” on the top left corner of Piskel.

  5. Now hit “Save” and then “Apply” on the Object Editor.

Now you have a flipped version of your sprite.

…yes i get it, i know you want to simply do this on the editor and yeah i get why, but trust me, this will make programming your assets much easier, its always nice to have a destinction betwen facing directions :slight_smile:

There wouldn’t be any issue. There’s already the function to flip an object horizontally or vertically. He just wants that to be applied from the start, along with the object’s size and rotation, since it currently only works at the beginning of the scene, but can be modified later using other actions.


Like i said, i get it and i know why.

…but its one thing to rotate an object or change its shape, its another thing to “Flip” the object since that one will change your points and things like that. It might seem harmless, but from my experience… having a pre set up sprite is always gonna be better.

Its just my opinion, if they implement this, the better since its better to have and not use than to need and not have.

I understand what you’re going through. I used to have the same issue. My object was inverted, but not in the right way for what I needed. It was only after a while that I realized the importance of centering the points to achieve a perfect inversion. It’s crucial to differentiate between sprite and object in this context. What he really wants is to invert the object, especially in certain games where it’s necessary to adjust the hitbox to use the sensor or custom point.

I can see how this would be useful to check the “flipped” hitbox… but thats not very good game design.

Your Hitbox or Collision Shape shouldnt move when you flip, you should try and make it the same no matter what.

Reason for this is, if your next to a wall and you flip the sprite, now you clip inside the wall, if you near an enemy and you flip, now you collide with the enemy… its not very good.

…also, i dont know what your reading, but he dosent mention any sort of application or what he wants this feature for in his post, only that hed like this, nothing more.

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