Full Sprite sheet usage.

Hi there, I have a quick question. I am wondering if Gdevelop allows you to use full animation sheets such as the one below
And is it possible to cycle through them by a predefined frame size (example 192x192) ?
If not, are there any workarounds for this?

You have to decompose the spritesheet. In the main GD ribbon, search for “Image converter >> Decompose spritesheet”, it will generate the sprites as individual images, then import them in GD :neutral_face:
Finally, if there are few frames, you can add them one by one in the animation. Otherwise, if there are a lot of frames, you can add them as described here (there is a bug about the order of the imported frames, it’s reverse, the bug is solved for the next release of GD, now disponible as test for Windows): [url]2 super simple features to make gamedevelop much more user f]

Decomposing it myself is fairly easy, but I am quite sad of having to use them separated. Since I work with a lot of animation files :frowning: it creates for a very messy project to keep track off.
alas Ty for the speedy response :slight_smile:

Would you happen to know if there would be any such feature implemented/in progress in the nearby future?

It’s best if your sprite is in PNG.
Somehow, you have to edit it… Perhaps adding some glow on that sprite can make it a bit realistic.