G dev android export

aws not found or something error while exporting apk

Maybe you need to update GDevelop.

i use 32 bit version given by lizard32 is there solution

I don’t know what version you’re using, but here is the most current release from 3 days ago:


its not available for 32 bit bro

It might be worth considering an operating system upgrade. Outside of GDevelop, there’s other reasons to use 64 bit. The encryption is much better, making your system much more secure.

Also, like GDevelop, most modern programs/apps are designed for a 64 bit system, so you will find less support for whatever you’re trying to do on a 32 bit system as time goes on.

If the cost of an upgrade is prohibitive I’d recommend trying linux. I use an old e series dell that came on the market 12 years ago. It serves me quite well with lightweight variant of ubuntu. There are lighter distributions but I find ubuntu to be more user friendly than some. It’s free and fairly well supported (last I checked ~20m installations)

Unfortunately, i think it unlikely that you will find any support for the old version of GDevelop.

Feel free to pm me if you have any questions about ditching windows in favor of an open source alternative. I’m not the most knowledgeable but I’m happy to help if I can.

my pc isnt 64 bit capable

You could use the online version. but I recommend upgrading.

anyhow its expoted in android guys but one other problem in preview of project its full screen but in apk its not full screen



Its screenshot of instant game but same issue in apk

Here’s a recent build for 32-bit systems:

The aspect ratio of your game is not the same as your screen, so it’s not full screen.
Check this: Properties of the game [GDevelop wiki]

Can you do a pleasure by making video on it i and am very thankful towards you