Game sound and Character movement

I have published my game to and

There are 2 problems that I am facing:

  1. The game sound doesn’t gets played on desktops on both the platforms (It plays on mobile).

  2. For the mobile version. How do I make the [Player] object move right, left and jump without the need of pressing on the arrow keys. { The reason behind doing so is that I have placed the right and left arrows at the bottom left and every time I click on them, the Gdevelop watermark gets clicked and blocks the view }.

Below is my entire logic for the game:

There are 2 solutions:


You can use Swipe Gestures extension by E1e5en and VictrisGames.


At the beginning of the scene & The device has a touch screen

Enable swipe detection: true

Replace “The cursor/touch is on” with “Swipe moved with direction” (4-way movement).
And for being idle, remove all the inverted events and just put “Swipe just ended”.

Thank you so much @EyadMahm0ud for your kind response.
I am going to try this.

And, what about the sound of the game, what could be going wrong with that ( it doesn’t gets played on desktops but plays when I load the game on a mobile phone ) .?