Gdevelop doesn't allow me to access my game

Hi, I’m Elizabeth. I created a game using Gdevelop and I the file was saved. Gdevelop made a file called Gdevelop Projects. Today, I was organising my files and I moved all of my assets and my game’s file into the file “Gdevelop Assets”. When I went back to Gdevelop, it showed a note saying
“Unable to open the project
Check that the file exists, that this file is a proper game created with Gdevelop and that you have the authorization to open it.”
I tried moving the file of my game out of the file called Gdevelop Projects but it doesn’t solve the problem. I hope that you’ll be able to help me fix this! :frowning:

Edit: Sorry I typed wrongly at the part where I said: Today, I was organising my files and I moved all of my assets and my game’s file into the file (“Gdevelop Assets”)*
I meant Gdevelop Projects, not Gdevelop Assets.

When I was arranging my files I still had Gdevelop open and when I went back to Gdevelop to test my game my character’s jumping animation changed - If it jumped immediately after it was walking, the animation for the jumping would become the animation that had happened when it was walking. I tried closing Gdevelop and opening it again but that didn’t work and that was when Gdevelop showed me the note.

You have to move them back to there original place. Sending them all to assets makes gdevelop think it that all the events, behaviors, variables, e.t.c. are assets, basically glitching the game.

Do you mean that I have to separate the assets from the events, behaviours and variables?

Hello Elizabeth,

Whenever you launch GDevelop, it opens the last project you were working on before closing the app. Usually this error pops up when the location of the project’s folder is changed or renamed, so GDevelop is not able to find it anymore.

You can manually open the project.
File > Open > project’s folder > game.json

My laptop is a macbook. I went to Gdevelop build and then clicked on File on the menu bar and then Open. Then I clicked on Your Computer to load the project from and I selected the file of my game, which is (title of my game).json. But when I open it, Gdevelop is still unable to open my project.

Can you send pictures of your files place and the rest

You can try to open the autosave file instead. Go to the project folder and rename the file “game.json.autosave” to “game.json” and then try to open it using the File > Open…

Note: Make sure to backup both original “game.json” and “game.json.autosave” files before renaming / replacing.

I tried doing that but it still doesn’t work. Is there another way?

I’m trying my best to fix this problem. I planned for my game to be finished soon. :cry:

My file is saved in Documents in my Finder. I put all of my assets into the file of my game and then I put the file of my game inside another file called Gdevelop Projects that Gdevelop created.

Edit: I thought the problem was solved for some reason! Hope it will…

These are some steps I would do if I’m having this problem.

1- Backup the latest project file
2- Try to put the files back where they used to if possible
3- GDevelop is on the latest version
4- re-install GDevelop
5- If you made backups before, then go to a previous version
6- If all fails, then contact the GDevelop team

These are all the tips I can give, if someone else knows about this issue then they’ll suggest something else. Good luck!

Maybe opening the project file through text could help. Maybe.

You know, a screenshot might be able to help.

thats what i asked this guy

A screenshot of what?

@Elizabeth, the error you get often occurs when the .json has been corrupted. What’s the file size? And, if you open it in a text editor, does the start of it look similar to the image below?

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The file size is 21.5 MB, and there are 194 items in it. How do I open the file in text editor?

How can there be items in a .json file? There shouldn’t be anything in the file except text. JSON files are a plain text file of a specific format (JSON in this case).

If you have items in there, then that could explain the corruption - the file is no longer text and instead is another format, or maybe is a folder.

I don’t know how Macs work their file system, and if dragging files onto another file makes the destination a folder instead.

I think Elizabeth is talking about the whole project folder.

@Elizabeth you can open the game.json file with the Apple TextEdit app.

Yes, the terminology is confusing. It was mentioned a few times placing files onto the game file. But I’m hoping you’re right, and it was the game folder.