GDevelop for 3D [Closed for Duplicate]

I love developing games with GDevelop but I find that 2D games are becoming unaccepted by some gaming communities and I think it would be great if GDevelop supported 3D game development without programming I mean that would be great and could be as successful as Unity :open_mouth:


As mentioned in the rules in the pinned post: Welcome to the User Feedback channel!

Please always search before posting new feature requests, new threads shouldn’t be created for existing threads, especially if they’re closed with a response. There are roughly 5 threads speaking about 3D in the past 12 months, and about 20 in the past 24.

However, to speak on this one specifically before closing it: GDevelop is a 2D focused engine. There is currently no plans to add 3D functionality to it. If you are looking for 3D game development without code, I recommend looking into CopperCube or Manu Game Engine.

Thank you!