[GitHub issue #5938] When [Cancel] is clicked after adding an object, the object shouldn't be created

This is something that really annoys me. If you add an object and click [cancel] then it should cancel the adding of the object. The object shouldn’t be added unless you click [Apply] Once created and you click the [apply] the first time, the [cancel] button should behave as normal.

Occasionally, I will click on the wrong type of object. It would be nice if either cancel aborted the whole process or it took you back to the “New Object” screen.

Maybe, it can have a back button near the top like some of the UI controls like buttons. Although, the cancel should still cancel the adding of an object.


+1 agreed, not sure why this is still an oddity in the engine. Would love to see this fixed.


I’m just letting you know that the GitHub issue #5938 includes this request too.
You can follow it here: Improve [for efficiency] the flow to add a new GUI object from scratch. · Issue #5938 · 4ian/GDevelop · GitHub

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