Hello i need help (calculator)

Hello, I need help I am making a calculator, not your normal calculator though I am almost finished but I can’t seem to figure out how can I make it work. I only need to know how can I calculate two variable without any sign like +,-,/ or* and multiply it by another variable for example in the first scene variable I have is 1 and in the second variable, I have 5 I need it to be like 15 not 1+5 or1-5 or something like that and multiply it by another value of the scene variable. Is that possible? and how can I make it work? Thanks in advance

Your request is confusing - you can’t use signs, but yet you need to multiply numbers? Unless you dive into a level for bitwise shifting, I can’t see how you can achieve this.

So, I’ll go out on a limb, and assume you want the scenario that if variable var1 = 1 and var2 = 5, then var3 = 15. Please correct me if I misunderstand, and clarify your query.

I see two ways of doing this - the first, and simplest, is :


Alternatively, and a tad more complicated, you can take advantage of GDevelops weakly typed variables:

You can access the variable _result as a number variable:


[edit] Note, the second way is a bit easier if there are more digits in the number.

I think you misunderstand it ,What I meant is that in the first part the first and second variable there should be no sign in between them but after that I need to use the * sign to multiply the first and second sign to the third sign

so if i have 1 as my first variable 5 for the second variable I need it to be 15 as in the two numbers should be together then that 15 since i only need it to be next to each other then i will need to multiply it to the third variable for example 10 is the third variable so the final answer would be 150

it should be like this
15 * 10 = 150
1 = first variable
5 = second variable
10 = third variable
150 = result

I did try this but what i need is VariableString(_firstNumber)VariableString(_secondNumber)*VariableString(_thirdNumber)

is this type of thing possible because when i did try it is says taht i need to put a sign in between the first and second but in the formula that i need to use the first and second number should only be next to each other

[edit] If this is not possible is there any other way I can make it work? I need this for my project and this is the only thing that I need to do to complete it

No, I didn’t misunderstand - this is exactly what my two code snippets do. You didn’t read what the code does.

Anyway, here are two ways of doing it. In both cases, _result will have a value of 150 :

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Thank you for this. It really helps me a lot

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