Help creating "tight" platformer with Physics2.0

As a part of research for my ninja rope platformer, I am investigating viability of using Physics2.0 for platforming.

I am trying to make the controls feel similar to original Super Mario Bros, however, all my attempts end in the controls feeling either too floaty or too heavy. I am just feeling lost with the amount of variables to setup for the object and world.

I think one of my issues might be the resolution I am working on (320x240 in this case), maybe Physics2.0/Box2D is not great choice for such resolution?

Anyway, I am asking the community for help. Here’s my current experiment, what values I should use for the world and player to make this feel more tight?

(also, if anyone made a platformer with physics in GD (any version) I would love to take a peek).

Thanks in advance.

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I just started using GDevelop, so don’t take anything to be true from me, but from what I know generally, Physics engines such as this one, which is based on the Box2D libs, are not meant for such perfect and precise 8-bit like games. Myself I’m also a fan of Nintendo-era games but the modern physics engines will try to emulate a lot more things, making the world feel not so simple and arcade-like. Therefore if a Mario clone is what you want, I’d suggest sticking to the classical movement options such as making your own or using GDevelop’s “platform” behaviors which are predefined for most of your needs.

Thanks for the reply :slight_smile:

I kinda gave up on this project for time being. I wanted to use physics 2.0 because I wanted to include a grappling hook and couldn’t crack it to work within the confines of the built-in gdevelop platformer behavior. One day I might come back to it and see if I can make it work :wink:

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no worries. Hehe you are way too advanced in GDevelop compared to how I am :smiley: as you can see in this topic, this is what I’m struggling with in Physics 2.0: