Hiding faces like in minecraft

Its very confusing but for example

2 cubes are right next to eachother what gdevelop does it renders both cubes with backface culling, but it does it individually so the 2 faces touching eachother of the cubes shouldnt be rendered but it does render it which gives lag

in this example i added a lil space to demonstrate, in this photo only the top face should be rendered not the sides since those are touching other cubes?

Out of curiosity, how have you determined that GDevelop draws the 2 obscured faces of the cubes?

I made a simple code so i could fly around in the example and i went inside a block and saw i could see the other blocks from inside it, i knew this wasnt the block i wasnt inside i was seeing bc backface culling and that looking up and down there was just nothing because there was no blocks

Theres a link so u can try it out,
Click R to generate the terrain

This can be a Feature requests for optimization?

If you’re in the box, then there’s a good possibility that the face is being drawn because it’s in your line of vision. Yes, I understand backface culling. GDevelop should be using occlusion culling at the least, which would prevent the faces from being rendered if another box was in the way.

So for me the test is inconclusive. How do you know it’s not the face of the cube next to the one you’re in? To event begin to confirm your assertions, you’ll need to give each face a different image and then check. That could prove backface culling isn’t occurring. But it won’t prove whether occlusion culling is taking place.