How do I, create a seamless authentification for mobile game?

How do I…

How do I, create a seamless authentification for mobile game ?

What is the expected result

I wish, as many mobile games, being able to get a UserID link to the phone of the user, without any “login banner”. Is there any services doing that ?

What is the actual result

Today i only found the function “Show player authentification banner”

Use firebase I think that might work

Or just check if user is authenticated in the conditions
Then hide authentication banner

But this mean that the user needs to authenticate at least once right ?
Me i’d like the user to open the app , then he has a uid, with no needs to input anything.

The user might need to login like every 4-7weeks
If he/she doesn’t use the app or play the game often but if he/she does play the game often the player might not need to login it authenticates automatically

Yes, definitely.

Things like Google Play Games Service run in the background, has access to the OS Profil, etc. I think that won’t be possible to have your own solution like that.

But Firebase allows quick login e.g. with Google, so it’s almost the same experience and the player only needs 1-2 clicks. As far as I know the authentication remains the same across all your games.

If you want to store things like the total level for a user ID, you definitely need Firebase. The GD built-in solution only stores the ID and username.

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is this really possible ? i found this thread that says it’s not available yet on mobile

Actually, not really. Firebase let’s you “authenticate as anonymous”, which assigns the user a user ID usable with other firebase features too, and which you can later assign an email & password or linked identity provider for authentication on other devices.

Just enable anonymous authentication on the dashboard, then use the authenticate as anonymous action un game.

Thanks for that.
Indeed, the user-experience might be smoother if i go anonymous then ask for a registration later. Do you know any mobile game using GDevelop doing that ?

And we agree that the risk is :

  • If the user don’t register, he might loose his datas at some point

To conclude this ticket, here are good documentation that helps me to find my way :