How do I disable smoothing for the text?

I’m making a pixel game and I wanted to disable the smoothing for the text. The text is always smoothed when I load it, no matter what. The font I’m using is a pixel font, and the smoothing is messing it up badly. There’s no “Disable smoothing” checkbox for the font in the Resources, and no option like that in the Text Editor either. Can someone help me, please?

I’m using GDevelop 5 (and yes, the latest version) and I can’t find that option anywhere. Not in the Text object, not in the Properties panel, not in the Events, not in the Resources, anywhere.

i’m not sure if it is on the project properties an option to disable smoothing for every Sprite.
Search on. the forum there are a few posts about it

Thanks for the response! And yes, I have already done all that before. It didn’t work.
The only option close to that in the Project Properties is “Scale Mode > Nearest (no antialising)”, which still recommends me to disable smoothing for each object in the Resources separately. I’ve already been doing that for every sprite, and that’s the only way I can get it to look nice. But I can’t do the same with the text.
And I’ve already looked all around the forum. All posts about Text Smoothing here either have no responses or are from much earlier versions where the “Disable smoothing” option in the Text Editor was still visible from what I’ve seen from screenshots. I can’t find that option anywhere now.
Is there anything else I can try?

i thought is was for sprites, i don’t know what to do for text, sorry, maybe @Bouh or @4ian can give some advice

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I don’t understand when your text is blurry.
Here is a text, in red you see the mode in the game properties.
At no time is my text blurry

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Thanks for the response! ~<3

And honestly, I think after looking around for quite a while, it might just be the screen size I chose.
I’m going for the GameBoy Original aesthetic and I was trying to stay faithful to it, so I went with the screen resolution of 160x144 - and I think this might be where the problem lies. I will try and remake the entire thing with a 600x540 resolution and see if the text looks any better.
I was just hopeful there was some other way of going about it as the SPRITES look fine in the 160x144 resolution, only the text is weirdly smoothed. It’s quite strange! I tried everything, it’s set to Nearest and I’m keeping the recommended size for the font, 8px, and it still looks blurred out.

I’m gonna try and change the resolution like I said, and I’ll see if this helps. Thank you so much for the response!

You stretch you game in fullscreen ?
You use zoom from camera ?
8px is small for an font
What does the blurred text look like, do you have an image?

Thank you so much for the response again!

  1. I do stretch it fullscreen, yes - but when I do, the sprites remain sharp and with no antialising, only the text is antialiased. Could fullscreen be the cause of this?
  2. No, I don’t use any zoom on the camera.
  3. Also, I’m sorry, I actually meant 8pt (which is 11px), not 8px! That was such an embarrassing typo!
  4. Yes, here it goes!

This is the text with the size of 8pt. Any other size in that range - either 6pt or 12pt - will give a worse result, 8pt is the one that looks okay-ish, and the recommended one for the font.

Also, it definitely does look better when I change the screen size of the game - allowing me to have a bigger text. I was just hoping there was a way to disable smoothing on it altogether like I did with the sprites. Thank you so much for the response yet again!

I found this for you, this tricks work.

The improvement of the text is noted in the roadmap.


Thanks a bunch! I had already seen that, but I appreciate the response regardless! ^^ I was just hoping there was another way. That Javascript trick should do for now, though! I’ll do that!

And ooh, that’s nice! I can’t wait for the new features, whenever they come around! Working with this program has been just such a blast, I’m loving it!