Text Smoothing with BBText


First time posting here. I am working on a project now which is a pixel game, and I have disabled smoothing but the text was still blurry, so I had a look on the forum and found this below post;
How do I disable smoothing for the text? which mentioned that BBText was soon to be added.

I’ve noticed now that there is another type of text object called BBText, so I was just wondering if there is anyway to disable smoothing or change the type of smoothing via the rich text, or any new methods at all?

On a random note, It’s an amazing program, and although it’s not coding, I’ve learnt so much about code logic

Hi and welcome!
Unfortunately, there is a known issue with the BBText, and there is a hefty bounty on this bug, but it hasn’t found any takers yet.

Regarding your current blurry issue, did you try setting a big font size and scaling down the text object? I fixed a similar problem like that.