How do I export my games to android?

Hi friends … How do I export my games for Android in Gdevelop itself ??? Because the option to export to Android in Gdevelop does not work !!!

You can’t, you need to use either Android SDK to compile native Android app or 3rd party tools such as phonegap, cocoon or cordova to wrap your HTML5 export in to an Android app.

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Maybe this will help:

I was exporting my project to Android through Cordova.
Then I tested two ways to generate an .apk file through Cordova and via Adobe Phonegap. In either case, there was no sound on my phone.
I put audio plugin in Cordova, but still no sound.
I opened the .apk file with Android Studio and there it was seen that the audio files are there.
Very bad situation …

Just for testing, I put one of my audio files in Unity and Godot in a blank scene just to run the audio file. In both programs, after a .аpk file was generated, sound was heard from my cell phone.

Are you sure you added ogg files, or did you make the apk with Wav, M4a or another one.

Ogg files worked for me.

Hello, Nohak!

I tried it with .ogg and with .wav, but I do not have a sound either in one format or the other.
Unfortunately, I have stopped any projects with GDevelop at the moment, because I want to do games mainly for mobile phones, but in this situation where there is no sound on mobile phones and I can not solve the problem.
As I said with Godot, I have no problems with the sound of the same mobile phones.
In another post I showed my debug the program with Android studio and there gives me an error in Media player.
[url]Mobile Performance - #14 by vpvelev]

Yeah, if you search about the error it seems to be an “I have no idea what happened man, but it crashed” error code. Probably related to file decoders, but no idea :neutral_face:

Did you notified this to 4ian?
He can maybe do something.

Also, did you test it on another phone, because I tested on 4.1 android and it didn´t work,
But then on 5.0.1 it just play sounds very well.

I tested two mobile phones - one with Android 4.4.2(KitKat) and the other with Android 6.0.


If you tried all possible things to do ( including the changing of exporters from HTML5 to Android ), maybe you need to change from engine.

My ultimate choice would be to test the app exporting on Web2Apk program, which works just like putting HTML5 files on the android browser without third-party plugins. Before using this method I recommend you to make this.

Website Type too convert” Local HTML website

Cache mode” Highly Cached

Support Zoom” Unchecked.

Text Selection” Unchecked.

Progress wheel” Disabled. (Very annoying!)

Confirm on exit” Is up to you, but you can make your own customized exit button system.

Fullscreen” Obviously checked.

Long clickable” Unchecked.

Also do not try to put CAPITAL letters or symbols on Package Names, it´s rare to see this but sometimes happens.

Hope to be helpful. :slight_smile: