How Do I Fire Bullets Properly?

How do I fire the bullets properly? I got the timers set up. But as you can see, there’s a random bullet to the right of the player and too many fire at once.


Can you post a screenshot of your events?

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This might be of help:

Player shoots bullet as long as Space key is pressed



Try something like this. I didn’t create actual objects for this or test it, just entered names to show some events. I think something is wrong with your timer and it should trigger once for each time the button press is true.

My shooting events look like this:

But I use key presses, so it’s a bit different. Still, it only fires once for each key press and I remember having a similar problem getting mine to work in the beginning.

I hope this helps!

I decided to make mine a bit more similar to your events. But I fixed it by having the bullet only fire when the sound effect isn’t or is done playing.

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