How do i rotate objects from a specified point

I want to rotate my object from a certain extra point beside Center point.
Any one know how to?

If you don’t need it for anything else
You could edit points of your object and simply change position of center point to whatever you want


There’s a few options, the easiest would be to just change the center point like ZeroX4 suggested. You could also extend the object’s bounding box equally in the opposite direction, without stretching the object. You could use the orbit extension or the sticker extension. If you’re using physics objects you can try using some of the joints.

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As the others have said there are a lot of different methods. I think we need a little more context before making a more specific suggestion.

You can change the point, use a behavior/extension, you can use put around an object or point, stick it to another rotating object, use one of the many physics joints …

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Thank you for everyone reply, I’m sorry for not consider telling the context of my game situation.

Here it is

Basically, the item must fit in the grid, and it can rotate but also must fit in the grid ( in game play mode ). But when I rotate some item, because of different size, those specific item can’t fit in the grid. Like this.

So, I think of a way, to change to center point to 0;0 to the same with origin point and the rotated item would fit in the grid this time which this method.


But now the new problem is, when i rotate the item, it can be further than the origin point which i grab the item, so i’m worry that problem would annoy the players.



So, this is why i ask you guy how to rotate item from a certain another point than center point, because i need center and origin point to be the same like i explain. If anyone understand and know the way to help, please kindly teach me.

Do you need rotating animation?
Like do you need your players to see item is rotating?

Because i would consider simply flipping animation and rotating it only once to flip it in different axis
For example if your item is horizontal image you flip it horizontally but for vertical state you only rotate it -90° and now you can flip it horizontally and vertically depending on what you need

Kinda like having states of said item

I still have hard time understanding what is your issue
I get general idea but idk how there is any problem?

If i understand correctly you want to fit item into grid
But when you rotate it center point of said item changes?
Or HOW you can fit it into grid changes?

Also if you don’t have tons of items maybe solution for you would be to have 4 different animations frames for each item
And now you could have a button to fake rotate it 90° each way for example clockwise
And that also would solve the problem
You would only need to adjust points and collision for each frame

How are you moving, snapping and rotating the objects? Can you post a screenshot of those events. We need to know if you’re using events for the actions or behaviors/extensions.

I’m wondering if you’re snapping as it’s being dragged or after. And how and whan it’s rotating the objects.