How do i save gems and coins

i want to make like when u leave the game the gems and coins u got remain on your account saved , how do i do that?


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what do i put here?
and maybe you can show in the second one

i did it but it dosen’t work

You added trigger once to the saving event, that means it only runs once at the beginning of the scene, and never again.

PiercingGames kinda explained what you did wrong
I updated photos in my post to include key presses so it is more obvious

so instead of trigger one what should i add?

Well you could make a save button somewhere, and when its pressed it will save the game.

BRUH did anyone see the picture i sent it has no condition which means it will always be saving like autosave!!

Yes I’ve seen it, idk how I feel about that though. It could ruin performance, dont quote me on that.

Then is this much better for you

still no

That should work though

Yeah that’s good for performance