How do you detect when a OBJ was just created

how do you detect if a obj was created then add a force

there is no event called on create, when created, after create run: , etc…

And why would you want to separate the force from the event that creates the object?

You must have an event already that triggers the creation. Just put your force (es) as a subevent of it

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In GDevelop the moment you run the Action to create an object is the place where you need to put all your actions that you want to execute when an object is created:

If you would like to check some conditions before execute certain actions, you want to add those as sub-events.

Otherwise if you are developing a custom behavior it got an onCreated function where you can add events to run when the object is created with the behaviour is attached to it:

You can learn about creating your own behaviors on the wiki:

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