How many sprites?

How many sprites GD can handle at once without slowdown? You may say that I should test it myself. However the problem is that I have pretty high end computer and my test results wouldn’t be valid for low/mid end computer users.

Using a 800600 pixels window with 3232 ( or a similar size, I can’t recall the exact size ) sprites, my computer created around 11000 sprites before the FPS dropdown under 30 fps, but I have also a rather high end computer ( Core i5 and Radeon HD 5870 ).
But that kind of benchmark are not very useful as a the speed of a game also depends on the events.

Yes, but it’s good tip - you can always divide result by 10 and you’ll have approximately number of sprites you can create (with overhead for events assumed). Can you post your benchmark file so others can test it?

Here is the benchmark (4.94 KB)