How to make a load icon that fades

Hey guys, I need help on something. I saw a video of a guy using construct 3 engine where he uses an icon for ammunitons that looks like a weapon and loses a small part for every bullet shot. How can I make something similar to this?

here’s a gif to show how it looks

That could be achieved with a sprite mask, an extension you can load into your project.

Here are a couple of links to threads about it, as there doesn’t appear to be much in the way of documentation for it at the moment.




hello sorry for my absence, is there an example or guide to better understand how the extension works?

Impeccable timing :smiley: This is a recent example of mine that uses sprite masking. See if that helps.

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thank you so much mr men for your support every time! I have viewed and now I have a little clearer ideas.
but I can’t understand how to use the masking extension gradually as in the gif sent by me in the previous post.
I would like to give a value to the hudweapons object and when the bullet is fired gradually subtract that value.

Think of the mask as defining a window through which the other sprite is displayed. If you make the masking sprite narrower by changing it’s width or Y scale, less of the other sprite will be shown.

thank you very much now I understand and solved by applying the extension correctly

it is always me I find it difficult to calculate the value of the weapon magazine based on the width of the hudweapons

activating the underlined code it easily takes the size of the weapon selected in the hud.
the problem arises when I ask to subtract the magazine value of the selected weapon, the width of the original “maskhudweapons” object is taken into consideration and the resizing is not considered.
I hope I explained myself