How to make invisible collider?

hi guys, im very new,
im trying to make a ball move inside a maze,
i already make the ball and the maze (with custom collitions)

but the ball wont go inside, the ball consider the maze as solid object, what should i do?

I don’t think this will work, as I suspect your maze object is seen as a solid object (could be wrong though, perhaps there’s a way to do it like this)…

I think you’d be better off using a tilemap for the maze, or even just individual tiled sprites for the walls (if the maze isn’t too big).

@silverdot, your collision mask is convex (it has an internal angle at a point that’s greater than 180 degrees), and will be ignored by GDevelop. Instead the default of a collision mask covering the entire sprite will be used. That yellow triangle in the top right is there for that reason.

Instead, you can make multiple polygon collision masks in one sprite though. In the image below, there’s an “Add collision mask” button, and multiple collision masks. I’m not sure if there’s a limit though.

isnt it this one? am i wrong? sorry im new

It may have multiple collision masks, but some of their vertices/points have interior angles of over 180 degrees. This is a no-no with GDevelop (for now) :


Make each collision mask a rectangle :


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Ah i see now, so its not my collider setup, its the apps problem,
i will try. Thank you