How to save and load

alright so i am trying to save and load my code as any game should have at some point and while doing so i followed the legit advanced tutorial and it has not worked out at all when i save i dont know if it works because i dont know how to do ctrl shift i and look through files so i dont even know if it saves but when i load it resets the value to 0 please help me i have no idea what i am doing and im very confused… (also i know this issue has been solved but after reading the topic i have not once found a way to get this working in my game so yeah :confused: )

Save/Load for global structure variable

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Okay it works now idk what the problem was before because the events i had before were the same but idk thanks :grin:


Most common mistake which i would guess you also made
Is that there is save text and save value same for load
Ppl doing it for first time or well not being aware of difference often pick wrong one