How to use Inverted "Point Inside" with more than one instance on scene?

Hello people,

I’m trying to make a behavior and one of the events is using “inverted point inside”.

The problem is: it works only when in the scene have only one “Chao”. If I put two or more instances of Chao my object stops answer correctly when the point is not more inside of chao and don’t flip and starts the moviment to another side.

Gray object: Chao
Green object: Object with behavior.

I find it: [Solved] Inverted “point inside object” condition not working as expected - How do I…? - GDevelop Forum (

Tried what Bouh said, but don’t works. Probably I’m doing something wrong.

EDIT: I changed the image of code to another with all code. With Colision condition the Object stay in movement. Now he stops only when i try to put chao on the side of the other.

Did you figure it out?
Make sure that your events don’t conflict with each other or run all in sequence.

I was following a portuguese tutorial on youtube and thats why I was trying to make the movement of my enemy using Point Inside like that. But on tutorial, he used just 1 instance of “floor” and the condition “colision with floor” to especify what floor the “point inside” is inside or isn’t inside. The problem is: when I used more instances of floor to make the ground, my enemy in the transition between the instances collides with 2 instances of floor making the condition true for one and false to another. And I believe that’s why it not worked. Something like that:

My conclusion after many attempts is: it’s not a problem of Gdevelop and maybe exist some way to make it work with another conditions, but I don’t need to break my head with it, because I finded anothers ways to make my enemies move. And probably that anothers ways I finded is more optimized, because using Point Inside + Colision for make the movement should be not a good ideia. It would be better to use only one or other.

Just for reference, I think this is the one instance where you need to use the advanced “NOT” condition, rather than inverted.

If you want to test this, just un-invert your “point is inside Chao”, then put it inside a “Not” condition in the same event box.

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