I made my mobile game resolution a 1080p and now I'm regretting

FYI, GDevelop isn’t just my first game-creating software, it’s literally my first ever attempt at creating a mobile game with zero experience whatsoever.

When I first started working on my blank game file…I had a videography mentality of which, I want the game to be good looking. So obliviously, I set my resolution to 1920x1080 BEFORE creating all my sprites, positions, objects and events.

And now my game suffers random choppy frame rates and worst of all, a major fps drops for the first 5-7 seconds everytime the game switch scenes.

Please help me…is there a way to shrink down the resolution without resizing all of the objects in the game? I sincerely hope that everything else would shrink in size along with the screen resolution properties.

I dread to think about all the object fixings, positionings, event rewriting, object repaintings that I have to do…it would be a nightmare! But not as mortifying as seeing my game being 154MB and nobody would want to download it :sob::sob::sob:

I tried doing this once, and as you can see I didn’t have much luck lol (original thread).

My advice would be to find other ways to “lighten up” your game: simplifying code, condensing similar code using groups, compressing your artwork, compressing audio files, etc. Is your game pixel-art based?

I know this isn’t the answer you were hoping for, but maybe some of these things can help reduce the size of your game. If you do find a way to shrink it down, be sure to post the solution!

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Unfortunately no, my game is not pixel art based :pleading_face: It used Photoshop brushes with a lot of blending so guess that also made things bad lol

Thank you by the way, yeah I’ll update it with the solution when I find it

why don’t you use Adobe Lightroom?

You can select all the elements in the folder, then export ALL in one time, setting the resolution at 50% of the original (and if you want, you can lower the quality).

I hope this can help!

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