I want to make a Sonic.exe game and post it on GameJolt

I want to make a Sonic-style game. The game I want to make is based on Sonic.exe. I don’t know how to make the game. I want the game to be as close as possible to a Sonic game. Does anyone want to help me out?

bro,just watch gdevelop channel,there are so many tutorial

Is it your GDevelop first game ?

No its not. I have made platformer games in the past but idk how to exactly replicate the sonic game

here a tutorial.

I would suggest to not download the extension from that video since it’s deprecated, it is better to right up just use the new one on this page: HedGD - Downloads (google.com), there is also some documentation on how to use it: HedGD - Getting started (google.com) all examples on it are free to use on anything.